Staff Profiles

Sean Young - Heritage Consultant

Sean is a Heritage Consultant, who established Sustainable Heritage in response to the apparent requirement for a balanced and engaging approach to working with cultural heritage properties.

Sean previously worked for four years at Willowbank in Queenston, Ontario, where an educational opportunity was developed to produce a new generation of Heritage Professionals.

This is a three-year program which blends hands-on and theoretical training, providing students with the experience required to be able to work with the many different fields of

expertise that come together when working on a historic property. This includes working with architects, conservators, masons etc. Throughout this time, Sean was able to work with

and expand his knowledge about the many different fields, which when combined properly will provide an effective service to any type of project.

He knew every square inch of the house and grounds, and was always excited to find out new information about the site, and taking potential leads for more knowledge as far as he

could go. Having spent such a long time looking after one property, he found the values and saw the benefit of bringing together good quality workmanship and materials, dedicated

volunteers and coworkers, and talented individuals of all kinds that brought new life to an old house, and re-created the spirit of a place.

Trained in the UK in Countryside Management, which is the aim to preserve, enhance and provide access to the man-made and natural environment, Sean acquired the skills to enable him

to appreciate the delicate balance and requirement for detailed interpretation, planning and skilled trades. From writing a management plan for a large Iron Age hillfort, to studying

aerial photos, archaeological reports and grassland species; to clearing scrub growth, putting up stock fencing, clearing footpaths and copicing woodland, Sean was always involved with

choosing the best direction for bringing back life to a site, and undertaking the tasks to achieve set goals along the way.

Sean is currently a working member of INTBAU (International Network Traditional Building Architecture and Urbanism), a steering committee member of the Niagara Heritage Alliance, is a

member of the ACO (Architectural Conservancy of Ontario) and serves on his local Municipal Heritage Committee. Sean is also a Volunteer Fire Fighter within his local municipality.