Sustainable Heritage seeks to find and implement a suitable adaptive re-use for historic buildings and landscapes in order to ensure their continued service life, while maintaining

the important cultural values and characteristics that they withhold. It also aims to help communities understand and value the importance of the cultural environment around them

that has been developing over many generations, and which is often under threat of loss or detrimental change if not realized as significant to the individual identity of that location.

Following the guidelines provided by the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada and the Ontario Heritage Tool Kit, Sustainable Heritage

strives to retain important cultural heritage resources, while bringing new uses and life to them. Often, many historic buildings just require some sensitive upgrading to bring them up

to more "modern" liveable standards. Most buildings throughout their lives have had continous upgrades and changes, why should this stop? What should be different, is the way this is

often achieved. Choice of materials is one of the most important factors, and working with what you already have, and not against it, are two key ideas.

Many property owners do not understand and often are fearful of designation - this is a very misunderstood process, which has many benefits. Both Part 4 and Part 5 designations are

meant to preserve the character and spirit of a building and a place - this does not mean that the intent is to leave them static in time. Many people believe that designation

devalues a property - but this has been proven as incorrect, and infact much the opposite, values have risen of properties in heritage conservation districts (it makes sense that a

well maintained and character filled property or areas are more desirable to live in!).

Sustainable Heritage can help historic property owners in many different areas, we are always happy to talk with you about what sort of work would best suit your requirements.

While we do take on a variety of practical projects, we are also working in the documentation, recording, research, design and planning aspects of heritage conservation.

  • Consultations
  • Archival Research
  • Photographic Surveys
  • Windshield Surveys
  • Basic and Scaled Architectural Drawing Surveys
  • Documentation of Historic Resources
  • Condition Reports
  • Sensitive Demolition Plans
  • Sensitive Intervention Plans
  • Intervention Reports
  • Historic Structure Reports
  • Sensitive Development Plans
  • Heritage Master Plans
  • Public + Heritage Community Initiatives

  • Sustainable Heritage looks forward to working with you, no matter what kind of project you may have.