Cultural Heritage Resource Management

When you stop for a while, study and begin to understand and appreciate how the various features of a landscape, city street, or a particular property come together to make it a special

place, and try to figure out how to preserve and enhance those particular pieces of the story, that is Cultural Heritage Resource Management.

This includes more than just the bricks and mortar of a building. Its about the past uses of the building, its property and how it fits in to the site on which it stands, its about the

contents, the archaeology in the ground, the patina, layers of paint, the archival resources that can be found about it, and so much more. We should also not forget to include the intangible

aspects, such as the spiritual, folklore, and other such human connections that surround and involve these places.

After discovering all this, we bring together all these different parts of the puzzle and to develop and maintain a plan to preserve and enhance them. Sustainable Heritage believes that

historic places should not be stuck in the past - they should move on with the rest of us, while respecting the historic context. This may include various activities such as working with

the public to create a future for an area, but may also include such things as interpretation, promotion, special events - not only just for the enjoyment of locals, but also to stimulate

tourism - which is a large economy driver.